The BRAZILIAN UFO ARCHIVES website is a textual guide, in English language, to the large collection of declassified military UFO files [from 1952 to 2015] by the Brazilian Air Force and made available on-line by the National Archives since 2009.

The website basically created easy-reading summaries with translation for each file case, creating case-related titles [to help with identification], with original official references and links to each one of them. Worked mostly with the case files that were strictly documented by the Air Force. The following were put aside: newspaper clippings with UFO news; unofficial journals; invitations; administrative documents; unreadable files; meteorite cases; weather balloon cases; cases with insufficient information; repeated files.

This guide was designed so that more people in the world could have access to the information collected and archived by generations of dedicated Brazilians, over almost seven decades of UFO phenomena in the country.

The content translated and organized was based on material available and accessible to all people through the website of the National Archives […] using the reference code BR DFANBSB ARX.

The website is a private initiative and is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the National Archives. All contente of texts can be used.