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All ufological manifestations are considered doubtful even when recorded and proven: photos, films, material traces, testimonies, even when considered authentic, are not considered proof of the extraterrestrial origin of phenomena. Today the UFO phenomenon is proven physical, captured on radar, and unexplained, by its characteristics and behavior. No trace of the presence of UFOs, even material traces such as marks on the ground, electromagnetic variations, etc., are considered evidence. The traces prove only the presence of some advanced and unknown technology, but not its extraterrestrial origin. Today we find ourselves in the following situation: the phenomenon is already accepted as physical reality, but it is doubtfully extraterrestrial.

This is the proof that we lack, although the abundanceand variety of indications of extraterrestrial origin force us to seriously consider this possibility.

Avistamento, Salto - Uruguai
Salto, Uruguai

Although everything in Ufology is considered fraud and the ufological phenomena have never left the field of the doubtful, we have in the ufological casuistry some cases of alleged extraterrestrial contacts – which even having been covered upwith the classic and effective strategy of the discredited launched on facts and witnesses – that continue happening until today: the Ummo Case (1966-2020), the Serpo Exchange Project (1947-1978; 2015-2016), and the Agroglyphs (1970-2020). They are alleged extraterrestrial contacts of long duration, because communication has been active for decades, and generating social effects of planetary reach, gathering the interest of thousands of people worldwide, in websites, forums, discussion groups, congresses, publications, etc.

Before they are proven to be extraterrestrials, it is of great importance that we take these alleged contacts into account, because fraud has never been proven, and events continue to happen. We still do not know if the organized activity of these subjects on the internet would be a strategy for the gradual unveiling of UFO reality, which has been observed in other fields of Ufology, such as the discreet and gradual release of photos taken on the planet Mars by NASA, before the official announcement of the discovery of life on the planet comes.

The most important of all is that the Ummite Letters, the Serpo Exchange Project and the Agroglyphs are carriers of advanced knowledge, often inspiring or according to human scientific discoveries, which have intervened since the middle of the 20th century. This fertile field for new questions and discoveries is already very rich for the study of humanity, in case humans themselves have invented the information contained in the Ummite Letters, in Serpo Exchange Project or in the Agroglyphs figures.

The extraterrestrial hypothesis.

In this perspective so explained, we will follow, however in this article the extraterrestrial hypothesis. We will start from the hypothesis of the witnesses of João Donato Island, that the events that they lived evidenced the daily presence of an intelligence perceived as extraterrestrial; that the Ummite Letters can be considered as a communication of a civilization from another planet, located in another star system.

Considering these hypotheses, we will relate two aspects of UFO events that occurred on João Donato Island during the 70’s with the information supposedly sent by extraterrestrials from the planet Ummo.

Summary of the João Donato Island case.

In this summary we will highlight just two outstanding features of the João Donato Island Case that coincide, more precisely than a simple coincidence, with information contained in the alleged contact with the Ummite civilization.

Photo: César Julio Aires

The case we have been investigating since 2016 took place on João Donato Island, located in the municipality of Palmeirândia, state of Maranhão, throughout the 1970s.

They were daily visits of red lights, often manned by beings of short stature, described as little dwarfs by witnesses of the time and the present days. We found in the island a totally aberrant family situation from the point of view of the behavior of the main protagonist of the contact: the exercise of paternal authority with permanent violence and refinements of oppression and cruelty on all his family.

We presented the construction of the João Donato Island case at the Ufology Congress of Curitiba, in 2017, and published its deepening in the Ufo Magazine of December 2019. In this article we advanced the hypothesis that the protagonist had his behavior affected by the lights that frequented the island in the 70’s, that they would have intensified his natural authority for the purposes of observation and psychological experimentation. In this article, we also hypothesize that they would have established a significant convention with humans, a symbolic pact, a basic principle necessary for the emergence of human language.

We will see that the Ummite Letters will modify and broaden our understanding of the case: of the behavior of the patriarch of the family most targeted by the Ufo phenomenon, of the issue of the symbolic pact, and of the behavior of an already famous palm tree observed in the ufological context of the island. We left the comfort zone of the anthropocentric interpretation, to understand in a very different way, pointing to an interest far beyond our understanding, the action of the lights on the island.

Summary of contact with Planet Ummo.

Contact with the planet Ummo is a unique case in world Ufology, where supposed extraterrestrials would have arrived at our planet in 1956, coming from the planet UMMO, 14.4 light-years away, with the objective of making its civilization known and studying human civilization. These objectives were planned respecting the cosmic law of non-interference in the evolutionary course of a visited planet. The activities on our planet were kept secret, the Ummite never officially made themselves known. They chose to communicate highly relevant information – about their psychobiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, ummology, ummography, astronomy, cosmology, history, sociology, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, technology and social life on the planet – through letters typed in detailed scientific language. These letters began to reach different interlocutors in 1966, and contact continues to the present day, generating the planetary social effects we have referred to above.

There are 1,400 letters catalogued today by . Despite having been declared fraud, this claim was never proven. On the contrary, it remains to be demonstrated how people or groups of people were able to build a coherent cathedral of advanced knowledge, which in many cases has been gradually validated by our science. Many indications comfort the extraterrestrial origin of the Ummite Letters, despite incredible as they may seem. One of the strongest indications is the fact that they anticipate in more or less one hundred years certain scientific and technological knowledge that has been discovered during these almost sixty years of Ummite communication. To consider the hypothesis of the extraterrestrial origin of the knowledge contained in the letters is more than a seductive idea.

Ummite letters and João Donato Island.

Since 2019, we have been studying the Ummite Letters, exploring the interesting information about their “oummanity”, until chance led us to read the letters that talk about other extraterrestrials. There I found, terrified, information consistent with the events of João Donato Island and with the broader context of the events that culminated in Operation Prato, here in Brazil, and all the varied casuistry recorded worldwide, revealing since 1947 the main characteristics of the UFO events: they are physical phenomena, but do not obey the laws of physics, they are intelligent, much more intelligent than us, the observers, they have full control over events, they abduct people for physical, genetic and psychological experiences, they are supposed to be extraterrestrials, etc.

The conformity (?), or coincidence (?), of the information with the ufological reality on the planet, and notably on João Donato Island, adds credibility to the letters, even if doubts and false clues of interpretation occur due to the Ummite cover-up itself, of which we will speak at the end of this article.

Letter D53, 1966.

In Letter D53, 1966, the Ummite inform us that in the year 1946, beings from the planet they called OOYAAUYTEE WEE arrived on Earth, situated, according to their explanations, in the “Three-dimensional physical framework directly accessible and distant 96, 885 light-years from Earth and 107.4443 light-years (terrestrial unit) from UMMO.”

The letter indicates that they have become aware of this civilization here on Earth itself, as they claim that never received any message from this planet, either through electromagnetic vibrations, or through gravitational means. It identifies the beings of this planet as “small individuals”, present in numbers from 13 to 9 on our planet, and whose objective is to carry out exclusively psychic and parapsychic experiences in humans on Earth, “without wishing to have access to other domains of the Earth’s cultural complex.

The technological level of these little beings is higher than ours and lower than that of the Ummite. But they are much more advanced than the Ummite in the field of psychology and give much importance to acoustic artistic manifestations, such as music and language, and taste, without further clarification of what their gourmet art would be.

Their philosophy is “very particular”, being monotheistic and following a moral framework that is not universal. Thus, they consider it allowed to carry out all kinds of experiments with those who are not from their planet, which makes them very dangerous for us and for other ethnicities of the planets they visit. The purpose of these beings in 1966, when this information was communicated, is to create in terrestrial humans “UTIORAA EUUNNA”, that is, “an abnormal psychic framework, and different from the usual customs, to observe the reactions of people submitted to the experience and to be able to know their psyches too.”

The Ummite had two meetings with one of these beings, who would live in Madrid in December 1966. In these two meetings, it became clear that they did not want to establish relations or collaborate with the Ummite. They confessed that they had direct responsibility in numerous experiences of psychic contact lived by many earthlings. The letter states that “their identity as extraterrestrials is evident”. The Ummite have made a formal commitment not to interfere with each other in their research experiences, even though they find their conduct with the Earthlings immoral. The Ummite then adopted a reserved attitude, because “it is evident that such OEMII exist and that their origin has been verified independently of oral testimony, we may wonder to what extent they tell the truth in their other statements”. They claim to know that UUTHORAA EUNNA experiments are effectively underway, the Ummite consider them immoral, but since they do us no serious harm and the OEMII are free to access scientific truth by their own methods, “we preferred not to intrude”.

A Carta js388, 1988.

Much later, in Letter js388, dated 1988, the Ummit bring other information. They say that a great hyperspace fold, which extended from 1943 to 1978, allowed contact with other civilizations in our galaxy, of which the Earthly one. The extraterrestrial incursions were less numerous than it seemed to the Earthlings at the time. It is said that these civilizations, with rare exceptions, did not know each other, and respected the principle of non-interference in their respective missions on Earth. Only three civilizations maintained permanent expeditionary corps here, on different continents.

A fourth ethnicity, from a “cold star” (planet) situated 96 light-years from our planet, arrived on Earth in 1948 and settled in small submarine bases. They are described again: “These beings were small in size, had a relatively important cranial cavity and atrophied arms, this set preventing them from mixing with humans.

Photo: Archive UFO

They kidnapped many men and women from Earth to analyze their bodies without harming them.

When at the end of a few years their curiosity was satisfied, they left, but their interventions were the basis of most UFO observations.”

The letter goes on to say that none of these civilizations caused harm to the earthlings, except one. It is not clear in the text what civilization this is. We assume that it is the ethnicity of the distant 96 light-years planet, mentioned at the beginning of the letter, which does not follow the cosmic law that forbids altering the evolutionary process of the planet visited, and already cited in Letter D53 as being interested in psychological experiences.

This imprecision about the civilization responsible for psychic manipulations intervenes at the moment when they cite the names of the people affected by such a project. Let’s see what the letter says: “One of these expeditionary groups sent agents to different countries in Europe and Asia. Two of them arrived in Spain before our brothers implanted themselves in your country. They connected with a Japanese citizen, thanks to a brain control device, and then, through him, with one of  your brothers named Fernando Sesma Manzano. This civilization, very advanced in brain control techniques, found then an opportunity to use humans from Earth as guinea pigs for their neuropsychological experiments”.

Within the broader context of the extraterrestrial presence throughout Northern Brazil in the 1970s, we highlight the Barroso case, which occurred in Quixadá in 1976, CE. Until the end of his days, Barroso was affected by a totally unknown neuropsychological syndrome, after being abducted. The sequels of his abduction were of neuropsychic nature: regression to the baby’s state, with total loss of motor autonomy; almost total loss of language, which was reduced to two words, “mother” and “fear”.

What happened on João Donato Island?

From the letters, we expanded and modified our understanding of some relevant characteristics of the João Donato Island Case: the aberrant violence behavior of the family patriarch; a form of contact that at first we interpreted as a symbolic pact; the behavior of a palm tree that grew in an unusual place, which we interpreted as some kind of antenna; and the interest in cultural aspects of the island’s population.

What is the coincidence of the letters with the events on João Donato Island? The letters describe small-sized beings interested in neuropsychological and brain control experiences, creating in Earth humans “UTIORAA EUUNNA”,that is, an “an abnormal psychic framework, and different from the usual customs, to observe the reactions of people submitted to the experience and to be able to know their psyches too.”

Well, beings described as little dwarfs were present on the island, crewing fireballs, and we reasoned, in a first construction of the case, that the main protagonist would have been affected by the invasive presence of the lights. The Ummite letters come, therefore, as a kind of confirmation of a research track. That the experiences of UTIORAA EUUNNA involved the whole family, due to the difficult and painful consequences they suffered, all experiencing an exacerbated psychological framework, stressful and abnormal, quite in accordance with the interest of the small beings, referred by the Ummite. What is the implication of the blood type O+,predominant in the family targeted by the Ufo phenomenon, in neuropsychic experiences?

Besides their interest in psychic and paranormal experiences, the little beings “give a lot of importance to acoustic artistic manifestations, such as music and language, and to taste”. We then broadened our understanding of the symbolic pact, the significant convention established between the Apparatus and the witness: when the light grew towards the witness, if she, or he, said something, like “look at the Apparatus”, the light would retract. This first basic convention between humans is what allows language to emerge, also an object of interest .

We now understand that this is also a way to provoke speech,  for acoustic experiences perhaps, carried out by some technology inherent to the light itself.

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The famous little palm tree behaved like an antenna, showing a rhythmic and uninterrupted jolt, which grew in the middle of a trampled path, through which everyone passed. We can think that people would pass by speaking, chatting, whistling and even singing.  In the same order of thought, what we first interpreted as observation of the social life of the island seems to us now, after we read that these little beings were not interested in any other aspect of human civilization, now also something linked to vocal acoustics of prayer meetings, conversations among many people, etc. The paralinguistic characteristics of the voice, the vocal timbre that allows us to identify an individual, have interested the little beings for their acoustic and musical experiences?

Let’s continue our search, wait for more news!!

Anthropocentrism and Exoanthropology.

 The lesson we learn from this research expansion is to criticize our own anthropocentric position, that is, an observer centered on who we are, we know, and want to know, as humans, about other cosmic humanities. We attribute to small beings, without knowing them, and therefore only from our own perspective, a motivation for a broad knowledge of human civilization, as we would probably do if we found an alien civilization with less technological development. Now, the Ummite letters led us to think differently, demonstrating what the French physicist Jean-Pierre Petit says about the letters which are “a formidable thinking machine”. There are perhaps scientific and technological interests so advanced that they transcend most aspects of the simple human condition.

To get out of the comfort zone of anthropocentric observation, we had to confront ourselves with information about “them”, which would not have been produced by us, but reported by Ummmite aliens.

Hence the importance of studying Exoanthropology, when information about extraterrestrial humanities is reported by the supposed extraterrestrials themselves. This assumption gives a particular and still enigmatic quality to us to this kind of reporting. They differ in some way from what is read in science fiction.

Ummite Cover-up.

The Ummite have three main strategies for fulfilling their mission on Earth, without interfering in the development of the planet. The first is to introduce errors and incongruities in the letters. We are going to give the floor to a profound connoisseur of the Ummite Letters, the aforementioned French physicist, Jean-Pierre Petit, about the mode of knowledge transmission used by the Ummite: “The Ummite would have taken the greatest care in the elaboration of these messages,giving them a relatively precise technical aspect, omitting certain details which would have allowed us to explore them. At the same time, they would have discovered the formidable barrier of incredulity which protects the earthlings from any awareness of the reality of an extraterrestrial presence, assimilable to a socio-immunological reaction, as solid as it is durable, which would have protected them from the risks incurred”. (Petit, J.P., Le mystère des Ummites).

Secondly, they manipulate what they call fundamental earthly “incredulity,” which we call “denegation,” a psychic mechanism of denying evidence not assimilable by the psyche. Since they do not make a point of being recognized as extraterrestrials, they largely manipulate ” denegation”.

And thirdly, they respect the cosmic law of non-interference in the missions of other civilizations operating on the same planet, which perhaps leads them to participate in covering up extraterrestrial activities. Despite considering UUTORAA EUNNA experiences immoral,  knowing that they do not cause any serious harm to humans and considering that everyone has the right to access knowledge, they decided not to interefere in the terrestrial mission of the small beings seen on João Donato Island when they were doing psychic and acoustic experiments with the local population.

South America, much less Brazil, is cited as the place where the different ethnicities that took advantage of the 1943-1978 hyperspace fold were established.

This is a new occasion to question the reality of the information contained in the Ummite letters, since throughout the 1970s, all the states in the North of Brazil were the scene of numerous and so varied UFO events, which suggest a wide range project, of supposedly extraterrestrial origin, of knowledge ofour humanity. Events of this magnitude were not mentioned by the Ummite, neither in 1966, beforethey happened, nor in 1988, when they would have cooled down and changed their configuration.

We have two solutions to this puzzle: either the letters have no relation to any reality, or the Ummite respected the universal agreement of non-interference in their respective missions on Earth, not pointing to the perhaps greatest extraterrestrial activity ever recorded on our planet, investigated by a secret commission of the Brazilian government, Operation Prato, in 1977-1978. In the North of Brazil, research indicates that different intelligences acted, we do not know if they were planned by mutual agreement or if each one was concerned with its own interests. The fact is that activities of such magnitude, involving the non-interference pact between civilizations, would already justify the Ummite silence.

Let us note that in the two letters cited we find the strategy of Ummite cover-up, which introduces small errors and incongruities, with the aim of preventing misappropriation of the knowledge and information contained in the letters: D53, 1966, says that the small beings arrived on Earth in 1946, while js388, 1988, states that they arrived in 1948. The writing of js388 leaves a slight doubt as to whether they are the same beings reported in the two letters. But the internal coherence of the two texts shows the Ummite cover-up by the introduction of a slight doubt.

If the Ummite are really extraterrestrials, they have deliberately omitted the alien activities that occurred during the 1970s across northern Brazil. However, they signaled the activities of the small beings, found on João Donato Island, described as dwarfs by the witnesses, and doing psychological experiments with the family most targeted by the lights. Thus, according to their way of covering, they left clues and small revelations to be found and synchronized in due time, in the slow progress of the uncovering that seems to be taking place today on our beautiful blue planet.


Lallá Barretto

Rio de Janeiro, october 21, 2020.