The Way:

Dear friends, I present you my Blog. I am Lallá Barretto, I have a background in History, Anthropology and Psychoanalysis, and I am a researcher – research is the biggest motivation of this Blog and what we love to do.

I am a Ufologist, among other things, and I use the knowledge obtained to study Ufology, bring new interpretations and new approaches. In interacting with you, we want to absorb, transmit and share knowledge.

My main field research is on João Donato Island in Maranhão, a UFO case that occurred throughout the 70’s involving a large number of testimonies and which remained unpublished until 2016.

Science and Ufology:

Science is the knowledge you gain from applying a method. The ufological phenomenon, being multifaceted, doesn’t fit well to this science approach. The science protocols are not suitable for the UFO object that we are wanting to know because of its multiplicity and interaction with the observer.

Ufology is an ongoing science: several methods exist for the multiple facets of the phenomenon, but Ufology has not yet really focused on studying the results of these methods.

Although many do not consider Ufology a science, I say that any thing that arouses human interest must be treated in a rational way and bring knowledge that will be valid for all humans. Therefore, I affirm that Ufology is a science under construction.


Ufology today already has proofs of the existence of the UFO phenomenon because of our own tecnological development. We are no longer in a “I have heard” situation and I believe that many cases still will be discovered. In 2019, the American Navy came to public to consider as authentic two UFO videos that were recorded by radar.

Since the Second World War, UFOs have been unequivocally registered. However, humanity denies evidence that is hardly absorbed by the mental references we have – a psychic mechanism that Psychoanalysis calls denial.


The official channel – Lallá Barretto UFO Research – exists for the dissemination of my own ufological research work and also for other ufologists’ research work. It works like a circuit of knowledge: video sharing, UFO cases, chats with guests, discoveries of new witnesses and so on.


For a researcher and academic, texts are very important. The Blog presents Ufology in greater depth in the texts that I write myself, texts by other researchers and thinkers that reflect on the deeper meaning of the UFO phenomenon.

UFO knowledge is made through a network of sharing what each one can find out about the ufological phenomenon. I hope to contribute to this movement by sharing interesting content to deepen UFO knowledge.