*Marco Antonio Petit.

Marco Antonio Petit is one of the greatest Brazilian ufologists, and would not need presentations if he weren´t also one of the most original researcher, which makes the mission of interviewing him as interesting as it is demanding.

Born on May 27, 1957 in Rio de Janeiro, Petit, the “Dean of Brazilian Ufology”, as he is affectionately called “by his friend and brother” Ademar Gevaerd, was touched by the mystery of intelligent life in the universe from a very young age: observing the night sky, at the age of seven, he was sure, which we can consider as a form of contact, that a large part of the celestial bodies he observed is inhabited as our world is. This crystalline revelation also revealed the destiny of his entire life. Early then, he started searching, reading and studying everything that could contribute to his understanding of the UFO phenomenon. This effervescence curiosity resulted in an original researcher, able to observe and enquire almost all facets of the UFO phenomenon with his researches.

In this tireless quest for the UFO fact, Petit personally researched the biggest events that took place in this country, such as Operação Prato (Operation Saucer) , A noite oficial dos ovnis (The official night of UFOs) , Varginha (Varginha), besides revealing Serra da Beleza, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, as a place of huge UFO incidence, promoting a privileged place of observation until today. Petit settled in this place for more than twenty years, carrying out the largest civil UFO research in this country.

The richness of his experience and his livingness of the Ufo phenomenon puts Petit in a special situation: of a researcher with a scientific approach, who applies research methods, he was challenged at​ his own personal level, of awakening the field research of what is precisely impalpable in the Ufo phenomenon and considered transcendent or spiritual.

Marco Petit.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

As assiduous readers of Marco Antônio Petit’s work, in this interview we wanted to talk about some of the different aspects of his work, emphasizing the knowledge he extracted from the various forms of contact he was the object of. We will certainly have the future opportunity to address the other aspects of his work.

I. Study of the NASA photographs:

Lallá Barretto (LB):  You have been doing, along with other experts around the world, a study of the NASA photographs in our solar system. Did this type of study on signs of alien activity beyond Earth begin in the space age, or astronomically some previous form of evidence already existed?

Marco Antonio Petit (MAP): Even before the start of the space program in 1957, with the launch of our first satellite, Sputinik, by the Soviets, and even before the emergence of Ufology in 1947, it were the astronomers, for example, through lunar observations, who were observing mysterious facts. Since centuries ago, they had been witnesses of what was conventionally called Transient Lunar Phenomena (LTP – Lunar Transient Phenomena). Within this label, different types of events and observations were grouped, some of these certainly linked to natural causes still under discussion today, but some remain unexplained, such as the appearance of mysterious structures, which after the same mysterious way, which appeared on the surface of our satellite, disappeared never to be seen again. Several occurrences were associated with luminous, or dark “spots” that were observed by moving telescopes. Even the variation in the dimensions of some craters over the decades has been reported, as if there was actually someone on the Moon changing its surface. Today, most astronomers have a tendency for the sake of simple convenience, to question the validity of these observations from their past colleagues, but the phenomena on the lunar surface have not disappeared, on the contrary, they have expanded, as our observational capacities have expanded. Lunar regions just become luminous, and in our time it has been documented from the very surface of our satellite, including unmanned spacecrafts, which landed before our astronauts even reached our satellite within the Apollo program in the late sixties and early seventies of the last century.

Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

The so-called LTPs generally do not occur on the lunar surface, but have been concentrated since centuries ago in some specific regions. The regions of  Aristarchus, Copernicus, Kleper, Alphonsus, Linné, Tycho, Gassandi, Picard, Grimaldi, Archimedes, Plato craters, Mare Crisium (the ”Sea of Crises”), Atlas and Piton mountains, etc are highlights. Just to get an idea, in Aristarchus, a crater more than 40 kilometers in diameter until 1968, had already 405 records of anomalous phenomena, when the American space agency published an exclusive work on this subject under the coordination of the astrophysicist Barbara M. Middleburst. In this document, known as NASA TR R277, occurrences since the year 1500 have been reported, in other words, phenomena associated with the Moon, which could be observed even before the appearance of telescopes. As I have already revealed, many of these phenomena certainly have natural causes, but others, not only in my opinion, but also by other researchers, have a direct connection with the presence of alien activity on the surface of the Moon, as the images obtained later by the space missions began to reveal in a more objective way.

Photo: 67-H-1642 by Spaceship Sorveyor 6, november 1967.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Photo: UFO by Spaceship Lunar Orbiter 3.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

LB: Although the photographs point to the presence of technological civilizations, both in the past and the present, this type of study is highly criticized. Between pareidolias and difficulties in interpreting such a distant reality, many people think that researchers end up finding what they want. But we know its seriousness and rigor when it comes to deepening the knowledge of the UFO phenomenon. Did you create a methodology? How do you approach the study of these photographs?

MAP: First of all, it is an objective, but also a different question, within my work, since it includes not only photographs of the Moon and Mars, but also of other points in the solar system. But the most important aspect, since all images originate from space agencies, especially NASA, is the question of what they would actually show. There is no specific methodology, as the findings are from different types. Speaking clearly, I use knowledge from different areas for these assessments, in order to be able to identify among thousands of photos that I have already observed, (there are millions already available on NASA websites), those that are in fact relevant within our area of interest.

Among the photographs that I highlight in my books, and in my lectures about the signs of alien presence, for example, there are photos from UFOs, images of artificial ruined structures, or of bases and installations, currently operational, as the photos seem to reveal, both on the Moon and on Mars. Not only me, but other researchers as well, we identified fossils, or bones of ancient animals that inhabited the Red Planet, in the remote past, when environmental conditions were more favorable to life. In the face of such different things, the methods for evaluation aren´t different. In the case of fossils, for example, the most suitable method was a comparison with specimens of the remote life of our own planet. As surprising as it may seem to some, it seems that the life forms revealed by these bones, which were located in the image catalogs of Rovers Spirit, Opportunity and Curiosity, all of them  from Nasa, are very similar to some that lived on our own planet. Images are sometimes taken from less than 10 meters away.  It is clear that it is necessary to have knowledge within that specific area, which happens to me. I´ve spent many years studying paleontology and anthropology, due to the development of my theory about the extraplanetary origin of humanity.

Book: Alien Presence on the moon.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

One of the most widely used devices by supposedly scientific skepticism, and by the detractors of this evidence, is in fact the so-called pareidolia. That “phenomenon” of looking at an image, a rock, whatever it is, and trying to associate it with known forms. Now, when I evaluate an image, for example, of what appears to be a sculpture, or ancient monument linked to civilization, which existed on the Red Planet in the past, in addition to studying the symmetry of the structure, I check among other things, the signs around within the geological issue. What I have found on Mars and other researchers from Brazil and abroad in NASA images, goes far beyond “a rock resembling a human face”, or something like that.

Photo by Spaceship Mars Global Surveyor: Plant life on the Red Planet.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

The American astrophysicist Thomas Van Flandern, today sadly late, who in the past was head of the Naval Astronomical Observatory (USA), ended this “party” of using pareidolia to refute objective evidence of the existence of the ancient martian civilization, which appears in the form of ruins in countless NASA photographs. 

Astrophysicist Thomas Van Flandern.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.
Image by Spaceship Mars Global Surveyor (NASA) Plant life.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

He used mathematics and statistics in an objective way, determining, for example, the possibilities of the Face of Cydonia and that found in the region known as Lybia Montes, to be just works of chance and erosion produced by natural factors, such as sandstorms, etc.

After checking the positioning of each detail of these structures in a previous study of the aspects linked to the symmetry of these monuments. And what about the pyramidal structures, which appear in countless pictures of the Martian surface?

Image by Spaceship Mars Gloval Surveyor (Nasa) .
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

 For NASA, these structures, like others, were either “sculpted” by liquid water from the past, or by sandstorms, when the planet became largely a desert. Can it be serious?

Speaking of pareidolia also in relation to obelisks, towers, and other geometric-based structures found in the countless lunar images produced by various space missions, can only be a joke. They are not the defenders of the reality of the alien presence “who want to see what would not exists”. Actually, they are detractors of this truth, who “close their eyes” to what is more than visible! NASA, by the way, knows very well what it has already documented and discovered, hence the maneuvers, and even manipulations, made in some photos in the past before the release, as in the reported case of the Face of Cydonia, which I detail in my book “ Mars – The Covered Truth ”.

Book Mars – The Covered Truth.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

LB: In several of your lectures, you can find, with abundant photographic documentation, the alien presence in different parts of our solar system. How do you evaluate this presence, looking in the solar system as a whole? 

Is it a continuous presence? 

From one or more cosmic civilizations?

Have you located similar technologies on different planets and moons in the system, which indicate the performance of the same civilization?

MAP: These signs are in fact at various points in the solar system and reveal not only a presence since the remote past as on the Moon and Mars, but also today. In respect to UFOs photographed, for example, in addition to the objects documented in the images of the astronauts, who stepped on our natural satellite between 1969 and 1972, those photographed from the martian surface by NASA rovers, we have images of gigantic objects both on martian orbit, but mainly documented by the Cassini spacecraft, already in Saturn’s orbit and even passing between its rings. The spacecraft that entered orbit in 2004, and ended last year (2017), when diving against the second planet in size of the solar system, in several of its thousands and thousands of photos documented mysterious objects, in different ways and dimensions, some really gigantic. Still in the planet’s satellite system, Cassini documented on the moon Iapetus, a kind of tower similar to some of the discoveries on our satellite (Moon).

Another point in the solar system, which also revealed images of our interest through the latest missions, was one of the great moons of Jupiter discovered by Galileo. In Europe, which according to the North American space agency (NASA), there is a deep ocean, where life forms may exist, a set of duct-like structures was discovered on its frozen surface, the width of which is larger than 500 meters. Several of these “run” in parallel together, duplicated.

Photo by Spaceship Galileu (NASA). 
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Amazing as it might seem since the Russian scientist, the physicist Boris Ustinovich, who had access to these images since the time of the first photographs, decided to declare publicly, that we were facing artificial structures, which connected several points of Jupiter’s moon, for through some form of vehicle, which would move inside these structures, NASA went on to declare that “there wasnt´t any mystery”: everything would be nothing more than natural formations created by the shock of the ice layers of the mentioned ocean, frozen on its surface.

My work, evaluating these images and others, added to my studies of the UFO issue in general terms, allowed draw a conclusion, that the extraplanetary presence in our solar system, as on Earth itself, would be related to the same civilizations, which would have a single-command species. I am not saying that all UFO contacts or races that have already manifested themselves through the presence of their crafts and crew on our planet would be part of the same context, but that a significant portion of what we call the UFO phenomenon, both on Earth and in the rest of the solar system , would be closely related. We would be facing, as happens in the land of different civilizations, even with different levels of technological advancement, but as I already said within a single command, in which each of them could have their priorities within a general interaction.

The idea is that the entire solar system, therefore the Earth itself, has been the target of this intervention since a remote past, within a process of colonization. The very presence of man on Earth, would be the result of this form of interaction, as I defend in three of my books related to the extraplanetary origin of our humanity.

The similarity, for example, that I noticed between the fossils or bones of the ancient animals, which can be glimpsed in the images of NASA rovers, obtained on the planet Mars, with specimens of life considered by us as terrestrial, that inhabited the planet for millions of years ago it wouldn’t be something related to chance, but to an intervention processes under the control of the same extraplanetary forces.

LB: You have repeatedly stated that the study of photographs demonstrates a progressive discovery of extraterrestrial reality by NASA.

How is the American space agency doing this?

What kind of information are you making evident?

MAP: At first, when I started dedicating myself again to this type of investigation already in the phase of the existence of the internet, and I started searching images on NASA sites, it was necessary, on average, to observe about 400 or more photographs to find a relevant one within the UFO issue, or the signs of alien activity, whether on the Moon, or Mars, where this work began to be carried out. This type of reality before the advent of the internet, for example, was even worse. After the two missions of the Viking project, which reached Mars in 1976, and were completed in the following year, whose spaceships adding the images of the orbital modules, and those that landed on the Martian surface, in total obtained about 50 thousand photographs, I managed to access about 800 of these. The space agency simply chose what to disclose or not.

If in the past the cover-up could be exercised, and it was directly with the non-disclosure of the photos, today at least in theory, and in the statements of the space agency, all images are progressively posted on NASA websites. People ask me what sites are these. The space agency has specific websites for each space mission, others of its institutes or headquarters and some related to themes or subjects. There is not only one as many people imagine. Millions of photos are distributed on those pages.

But still specifically answering the question of the progressive withdrawal of cover-up, NASA, despite not assuming any of my interpretations and, from other independent researchers, has periodically been facilitating the discovery of images of our interest. At the time when I was writing my book “Mars – The Covered Truth”, I realized that even before that, the agency when periodically posted photographs, at certain times, it made a point of gathering images precisely from the area of our interest. It didn´t make any special disclosures or calls to the media to take notice of these photographs, but it made things easier for people like me to be favored in this type of search. When I found one of these, there was already a package associated with others of our interest.

Recently, on sites linked to the exploration of our natural satellite (moon), I found the same type of procedure, and, on a larger scale, with the posting of photos clearly of our interest in a more favorable access situation. In other words, while the agency continues to deny everything about the signs of the alien presence within our solar system, it increasingly favors those who pursue such evidences, and do the work of dissemination, which still cannot do about this reality , or interpretation of its photos.

II. Mrs. Irene Granchi:

LB: A great reference in your early training as a Ufologist is the matriarch of Brazilian Ufology, Mrs. Irene Granchi. Could you tell us what was the most important thing she transmited you to your interest about the UFO phenomenon?

MAP: Even before I met our matriarch, I followed her work and seriousness in dealing with the UFO issues. She had been awakened to the reality of the presence of UFOs through a sighting in the city of Vassouras (RJ), which occurred in broad daylight in 1947, when the UFO investigations began in the USA, and why not say, in Brazil itself. She was our great pioneer, and thus she is recognized, due to the fact, of course, of all her capacity for evaluation, and the importance of her investigative work for the ufology world.

In 1979, the First National Meeting of UFO Theses took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro, for which seven works were selected for public presentation, one of them was mine. On the day of my presentation and debut as a lecturer, I spoke presenting my thesis on the biblical and historical aspects of Ufology, which also addressed the connection of the origin of humanity with the presence of UFOs today, to an audience of about 600 people. On the examining board, who at the end of the event would still choose three of the seven works to be awarded, were several of the country’s leading researchers and ufologists, chaired by the esteemed General Alfredo Moacyr de Mendonça Uchôa, and our matriarch, professor Irene Granchi.

It was a very special day for me, and it was decisive for my future within Ufology, because in addition of being one of the three winners within the event, at the end of the event I received an invitation from who would be like a second mother to me, to immediately be part of her research group. That night after the event, I was practically unable to sleep, not only because of the way I had been received by my work by the country’s main investigators, but also because of the very special way that I was invited to join our great lady’s group, and why not say, the greatest researcher group on the UFO phenomenon in the history of the ufology world.

I spent time with her weekly, and I was often received privately in her house having unforgettable conversations on weekends, having the opportunity to receive her valuable teachings within the area of UFO casuistry, the basis of all serious ufology, upon on the cases of all kinds and levels, that she had studied, or was still investigating. Not only did I receive her teachings objectively about the investigative process, but I also learned a lot from her vision of greatness and importance, which involved the UFO phenomenon, which gave her a posture of humility before our existence, and position within the world. Universe itself.

Mrs. Irene Granchi with Marco Petit.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

LB: Do you think she had any special feminine sensibility that marked the transmission of her UFO experience, and consequently the brazilian ufology?

MAP: The greater feminine sensitivity is a fact, and we will not fail to recognize it here. From an ufological point of view, in my opinion, this was a constant in her trajectory, from the first moment of her life, which consciously she came face to face for the first time to that metallic object in Vassouras, in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro State.

She herself told me that that day, at the same time, when she was observing that craft, her mind was invaded by the idea, that she would have to investigate about that, try to understand, even if it was until the end of her life, and what was there behind the presence of what she observed at that distant past.

III. Social networks:

LB: There is a lot of criticism about the huge amount of fake photos and videos on the internet linked to the social networks, which generate a lot of confusion among the lay public interested in Ufology. 

MAP: I remember perfectly, unlike younger people, the beginning of the emergence of the internet and social networks. Before the advent of this new reality, whose the implications were extreme for our civilization, publicizing a work, if known in the UFO context and especially reaching a large audience, was not an easy thing. 

In our area you had to be linked preferably to a recognized group, or make of your own work as a leader of one of them become a reference. It was not easy. I went through all this like other recognized ufologists from the past, today late, and others like me, who are still active and ahead of the UFO movement in our country, or abroad.

In order for your work and its own “existence” be a reality, it was necessary you publish articles in magazines, and it would only be possible if it already had a minimum of recognition, deliver a lecture and in a more in-depth level so that your ideas reached the interested public. Write books. Not to mention, that without appearances, or interviews for radios, for newspapers and TVs, your name and your activities and ideas would remain limited to a limited number of people. Clearly speaking, if your activities were not relevant and, more importantly, they didn´t generate a level of credibility, which would be built year after year, it would be difficult for your name to become known, and consequently the result of your investigations. All of these difficulties evidently did not prevent mystifiers and people who did not have a serious sposition from achieving projection, but undoubtedly this was much more difficult than it is today.

With the emergence of social networks and the internet in general, anyone regardless of seriousness, credibility, if  knows how to act and uses these media, will have no difficulty reaching thousands, or even millions of people depending on the case and the situation that is created. Because of this, unfortunately, we now have photographic and cinematographic documentation of UFOs without the least credibility, in fact frauds produced with modern resources linked to editing programs, which affect thousands and even millions of people.Testimonies of alleged contacts, totally stripped of any reality can reach the same “success”, also bringing a great loss to Ufology.

LB: What is the importance and role of the social networks in disclosuring and in the real knowledge of the UFO phenomenon?

MAP: If, on the one hand, there is the facility to disclose what should not be known, which often ends up reaching many people, and worse, taken as reality, we cannot ignore how quickly social networks help us to disclose everything that we need to reach a greater number of people, taking the seriousness and information of our investigations to the whole planet, decisively helping to raise awareness of the reality of the alien presence in its numerous variants, and distinct area of our research, not only in aspect of speed, as well as comprehensiveness.

IV. Serra da Beleza:

LB: A beautiful night sky, a sea of rolling mountains, of such exceptional beauty that Serra is named, the history pulsating still alive in the old coffee farms and in Quilombo São José (A quilombo is a brazilian hinterland settlement founded by people of African origin. Quilombos are identified as one of three basic forms of active resistance by slaves.). This magical place, which combines natural beauty and history to the mystery of the Ufo phenomenon is Serra da Beleza, located in the countryside of Rio de Janeiro state, where you settled and carried out for twenty-three years the largest civil research of a frequent, multiple and varied types of contact showing the performance of some intelligence: they are lights, crafts and beings that are still observed in Serra da Beleza.

Could you summarize for us the main manifestations of the UFO phenomenon that you could personally observe or research in Serra da Beleza?

MAP: My history in this region located in the southwest of the state of Rio de Janeiro, began in 1982, when I started receiving impressive testimonies about the presence of so-called flying saucers, in this area, located within the limits of the municipality of Valença.

Serra da Beleza.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Two years later, already in 1982, I had set up the first camp in the region, with the participation of my group, the Fluminense Association of UFO Studies, which I had created precisely to seek a direct approach to the UFO phenomenon and, if possible, with its crew.

I had already been to other places supposedly of UFO incidence with the same objective of verifying the validity of the information received about this type of activity, but in none of them I was able to directly confirm this reality, at least within a substantial UFO activity. But in Serra da Beleza it was different.

It was at my first camp in the region, set up on May 8, 1982, on a night of clear skies and excellent visibility conditions, that I had my first sighting. I observed, together with four other members of my group, around 10 pm, a disk-shaped object, wrapped in a luminous sphere, whose color varied, as it increased its speed, coming from the state of Minas Gerais, moving with pendular movements towards the city of Volta Redonda (RJ). The observation with time to see everything in detail took about 5 minutes.

Exactly two weeks later, from the same point in Serra da Beleza, around 10:30 pm, I observed with the members of my group, two other objects. This time they were spherical and manifested much closer to our camp. Just as one of the members fired his flashlight at the objects, they disappeared. It was clear to each of us that the testimonies, which I had received, had a real basis. These observations were striking, because in addition to confirming the incidence, they were the first two opportunities, which I came face to face directly with the UFO phenomenon.

Photo: UFO by Marco Petit.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

In other opportunities over the years, on the whole there were 23 years of investigations, which led me to live, both in the district of Santa Isabel do Rio Preto, and in Conservatória, I was personally able to observe in detail numerous times the phenomena, and I even investigated hundreds of cases of different degrees involving the residents. Among these cases there were landings of crafts, which left physical marks, many cases in which the UFOs accompanied mainly during the nights, the cars that traveled on the roads of the region (it was dirt road at this time), mainly to the one that connects the urban areas of the two districts mentioned above. This is not to mention the cases of sightings of crew members of these crafts, observed even during the day.

LB: The photos in your book “UFOs in Serra da Beleza” suggest a similarity with the lights of Hessdalen, Norway. Could you comment on that fact?

MAP: There is really a great similarity between the photographic documentation obtained directly by me, and my main collaborator, the investigator Denilson de Andrade Lima, who was present at around 300 night vigils, from more than 600, that I had the opportunity to do, within which we obtained more than 100 images documenting the phenomena in the region. But this similarity goes further than the images obtained in the two areas of incidence.

Photo by the investigator Denilson de Andrade Lima.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Over the years, just as it happened in Norway (Hessdalen), there was an objective interaction with the intelligences behind those apparitions. Those responsible for the UFO manifestations in Serra da Beleza knew exactly what we were doing, to the point that at the moment we were pressing the trigger of the cameras, within the process of photographic documentation of those apparitions, always carried out with prolonged exposures, so that we could not only register the trajectories of the objects, such as through the largest light input, having several reference points in the photographs for our studies, after the development of the films, such as the  mountains of the region, and the stars themselves in the sky, which appeared in the form of luminous traces due to prolonged exposure and the apparent movement of the celestial sphere, generated by the rotation of the Earth.

On several occasions when we were photographing UFOs, these objects, which at first, for example, had direct movement, with no variation in trajectory and luminosity, began to move erratically, still showing variation in brightness in several cases, as if to demonstrate, that they were not related to our technology, or to the flight pattern of our planes, satellites, etc. In Serra da Beleza, also in the same way as in Hessdalen, UFOs responded to the light signaling directed at them. In the midst of these sightings, it was in our camps in the district of Conservatória, or in Santa Isabel, those responsible for the phenomena, responded by means of the luminous field, which involved these objects, our signals directed to them by means of our lanterns. In some cases, responding, duplicating, reproducing the pattern of our signaling, and in others, simply disappearing into the night sky from our views, but generally they could still be observed with lower brightness through our binoculars.

LB: In your opinion, Serra da Beleza is frequented by one or several alien intelligences?

MAP: As seems to happen in other areas of incidence, my studies and investigations both in the cases of the residents, and taking into account my own direct experiences with UFOs, and the undeniable interaction that both I and Denilson de Andrade Lima live with those responsible for the phenomena.  I came to the conclusion from the beginning of the research, that we are facing the performance and presence of a single civilization. I must point out that, after hundreds of cases involving these residents of the Serra da Beleza region, and to my own experiences, and that of my group members, there was no evidence of any negative sequel in those evolved with these contact experiences. Among these witnesses were several military personnel, who even had the opportunity to observe UFOs in the region very closely, sometimes at distances less than 100 meters, so that the readers of this magazine have an objective idea of the type of reality that involves this region.

LB: Can you point out any particularity of the manifestations of the Ufo phenomenon in Serra da Beleza, different from what you can observe or research in other places?

MAP: In addition to the high incidence observed in the region even before my arrival, according to the testimonies about cases that occurred before 1982, and throughout all the years I spent there, what still impresses today is the continued presence of UFOs. Even though I have not been investigating the region since 2006, the year I published my book “UFOs in Serra da Beleza”, I still receive reports of the appearance of flying saucers in the region. Even though I no longer reside in the Serra periodically, I still return to that magical and especially important region in my life to record material for documentaries and TVs, mainly from abroad, taking note that the presence of those objects really remains intense.

Book: UFOs in Serra da Beleza.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

In January of that year (2018) I was invited to give a conference at one of the farms used as observation and research points in the past, and then I coordinated an UFO open vigil to the present public. In that opportunity that I spent a single night at the top of the now famous Serra da Beleza, I got back to be a witness together with several of the people present of the apparitions of these objects. It was my reencounter with that, which since the beginning of my investigations, has been confirmed as something strongly present.

LB: But what makes this region so special that residents consider the presence of these objects as part of their lives?

MAP: This issue has always been one of my biggest concerns since we saw the high incidence. The first point that we verified based on the revelations of some of the residents was the strong presence of the so-called monazitic sand, which has a radioactive element in its constitution, in this case Thorium. In this initial period of my investigations, my group had as one of its most active members a geologist, who can confirm this reality passed by residents, even discovering, at the university that he had graduated (UFRJ), in his library, a compendium of geology written based on research carried out by a team of North American geologists, who had been not only in various regions of our country doing their research, but also in other parts of South America. This work located and studied by the group geologist  group, emphasized something, which in general terms is not widely publicized. The region is presented as a highlight in this type of geological feature.

The study of this particular regarding the presence of monazite in the region ended up allowing me to develop the idea that those responsible, or beings behind the presence of UFOs in the region, developed some form of technology, which would allow them to use the natural radioactive emanation ( gamma rays) for possibly energetic use within their interests. There was never any sign of withdrawal directly from the geological material, as our civilization does for further processing and use. Hence the idea that they do have a direct use of radioactive emanation. But this issue of high incidence possibly goes further and seems to be related to something even more significant, which reveals an even deeper level of relationship between the UFO phenomenon and the region.

LB: What did you learn during these twenty-three years of the largest civil research of a UFO on recurring Ufology issues, “where do they come from”, “what are they doing here”, “what do they want from us”?

MAP: My investigations in Serra da Beleza provided important informations and among these is the idea that the operators, and the civilization behind the apparitions in the region, probably have an installation, base of operations underground of the incidence area itself. UFOs in the region are often seen “going out”, or “going in” in the mountains. We investigated several of these points and there are no physical openings, such as large caves, etc. One of my most special photos documents just that kind of reality.

I managed to shoot with a prolonged exposure, and the camera fixed to a tripe, initially the spherical object, which hovered over a certain mountain, but that soon afterwards reduced the brightness and went down until disappearing as it can be observed through its trajectory also recorded in the documentation already in contact with that same mountain. These objects probably have the ability to change their vibratory pattern, leaving our physical level to dematerialize, to materialize below the surface of the region where it would be located in a pocket within the geological structure of the area. 

In other words, in Serra da Beleza region, UFO phenomena would have as their starting point, or origin, this installation or base, to which people, according to their own reports, would have already been taken, as it seems to have been the case of a direct witness of this reality, whose experience was relived in a regressive hypnosis carried out recently by the psychologist and abduction specialist Gilda Moura, who had previously sought me out in search of an understanding of what had happened when she was present in the region, which for decades was the subject of my research. It is important to note that what happens in Serra da Beleza seems to be the answer not only to the incidence of the region, but also to some of the other areas where the presence of so-called flying saucers is something constant. That is to say. the civilizations behind UFO manifestations in various parts of the planet, would already be established here in the form of facilities and bases. The reality, which seems increasingly evident, is that we have already divided the planet with such cosmic civilizations.

Photo: UFO in the Adriatic sea.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Regarding the intensions and what would exist behind the alien presence (at least of its largest portion), it is necessary try to answer a delve into other areas of my own work, but which transcend the limits of my investigations in Serra da Beleza , and are associated both with my studies on the extraplanetary presence in the historical and prehistoric past, as well as in my investigations of the abduction process, in addition to my experiences with the more transcendent side of Ufology, glimpsed, for example, in my book ” The Rebirth of a Guardian “, the tenth that I published.

Book: The Rebirth of a Guardian.
Photo: Marco Antonio Petit Archive.

Special thanks to Marco Antonio Petit for this great interview that we intend to continue. The variety of his UFO work calls for a continuation of that interview.

*English version: Lilian de Souza Pinto.