While humanity thinks about the possible impacts that will be caused by the official and ostensible revelation of the existence of aliens, there are reasons to believe that at least two distinct species of extraterrestrial races already maintain long-term contact with Terrans. These are human species that would live on  Serpo and Ummo planets and with which humanity would have interacted for several decades. In the case of Serpo, several documents maintain that there was a process of exchange between the inhabitants from that planet and the Terran, to the point that 12 people from Earth were sent there. In relation to planet Ummo, the interaction took place through intriguing letters that would have been sent by the aliens themselves. This material stood out for its deep scientific knowledge, being replete with information that would only later be validated by terrestrial science. Although both cases have been victims of cover-up and are officially classified as frauds, there are enough elements in them to suggest the veracity of these contacts, including the wide social effects they have caused. If contact with the aliens has existed for so long, humanity should pay attention to the information that would have been collected directly in Serpo and to the information transmitted by the beings from Ummo.

It was with a display of nine spaceships with advanced and unknown technology, observed by Keneth Arnold on June 24, 1947, that supposed extraterrestrials inagurated what was agreed to be called the Modern Age of Flying Saucers.

Since then, the contact feeling, with the intelligences that visit us, became imminent and overwhelming. This same feeling came along with humanity’s startles and mishaps, when keeping in touch with the ufological reality.  When we think of official contact, we think of contact between us and another species that creates civilization. But today, we estimate to be very likely that many  and different civilizations  have been visiting  our planet. Will all these cosmic peoples get in contact with us, each one in its due time, or  have they any common agenda  of a galactic federation?

If we examine the ufological casuistry, we are obligated to ask ourselves if contact with any intelligent extraplanetary species could be done suddenly, with the landing of a spaceship on the white house, for example, or another scenario imagined by science fiction.

The traumatic strangeness, that the contact with this other reality imposes, reveals the incommensurable differences of biological, scientific, technological and cultural evolution evidenced by the witness reports. 

These differences demonstrate that effective contact would only be possible, without the risk for us of disappearance, due to this impact, within an evolutionary context of mutual knowledge of two humanities, where the differences would be slowly understood and assimilated, promoting the acceptance of what must be many times as radically different.

The establishment of contact during a long period of time would also be more according to ethical engagement, that some intelligences affirm to be a universal law of non-interference in the evolutionary course of the planets visited.  This universal law, if it does exist, obligates us to think about the long-term contact, a necessary time for the transmission of knowledge between different species and civilizations.

 We have some reasons to think that maybe this long term contact is already happening, with at least two cosmic civilizations, since the 60’s. Let’s highlight them for having common general characteristics: the Serpo Interchange Project (1947-1978; 2005-2016) and the contact with planet Ummo (1966-2015). They are two different kinds of supposed long term alien contacts, because they are active and dynamic, causing social effects of planetary reach in current days. Two alleged contacts that still have in common the fact that both have been declared monumental fraud, a statute that till today they have for the large public.

The Serpo Exchange Project has already been born to be hidden, cover-uped, for being a secret initiative of the government of the United States. The Ummo case has suffered the recurrent and effective cover-up strategy: Jordan Peña, one of the main contactees, declared being the author of the contact, though the practical impossibility of a single authorship for so extensive, detailed and complex scientific information stay proven.

But the fraud statute wasn’t enough to relegate these events to forgetting, because the knowing desire by all kind of people around the world doesn’t stop interpellating, generating social effects of planetary reach, in the criation of social networks, discussion groups, including high level scientific discussion, and promoting advances in the questions and perspectives of our own science and of ufological knowledge.

We will approach each case from the perspective that we want to develop in this article, how these long term contacts were established, considering the social  effects as indicators of their reality, or the action of some terrestrial instance interested in passing knowledge about other intelligent species,  real or imaginary, maybe both two things  together , combined and concerted. Between reality, fiction and cover-up, we have documented over the years numerous forms of contact that suggest a growing awareness by us humans of  the extraterrestrial reality.

Detailed contact with two different human species, one originating in planet Serpo, the other in planet Ummo, would be stunning and unimaginable if the generated documents had not raised serious suspicions about the contacts reality, or were not credited by our earth science. First of all, these contacts that have already been established, if they have any reality, they would prove the existence of at least two extraterrestrial races, promoting two different ways of contact with us, an earthly species. What is the interest in this issue, if we cannot prove the extraterrestrial origin of the contacts and therefore the real existence of these alien species?

We are then obliged to suppose that earthlings or earthling groups have produced these documents.  Therefore ,they would express necessarily an ufological reality beeing forged by a plot from the  human imaginary and the human symbolic, that would be situated in the field of mind inventions and  formations. The implication of mental formations is certainly one of the aspects of the UFO phenomenon, but they are not formed from anything, but as a consequence of experiences that left real and documented traces and sequelae in thousands of people around the world. And the UFO phenomenon it is proven physical today. Understanding the human, and its mental formations is, in itself, an anthropological reason to look at the reports of the Serpo Exchange Project and the Ummo planet letters

But, we start from the ufological reason, i.e.,the extraterrestrial hypothesis, which leads us to consider and explore the possibility of these documents to be authentic ways of alien civilizations commucating with us, an earthly species. Therefore we can apprehend the mental differences and their zones of strangeness, of incomprehension, that difficult the transmission of fundamental philosophical and scientific concepts, in addition to an infinity of differences and common points. By reading these contact documents, we can get used to  the existence of other life forms and other  forms of human intelligence.   


The Serpo Exchange Project was one of the unbelievable consequences of the already unbelievable accident involving UFOs in Roswell. How did we came to know about this unusual top secret project of the U.S. government, which took place between 1965 and 1978?  Someone who calls himself Anonymous and presents himself as a retired senior official of the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) began publishing, in 2005, information from this alleged exchange between us and extraterrestrials. These reports are extracted from a top secret document of three thousand pages that resulted from the mission. Anonymous reports the contents of this document, which expresses the vision and understanding that the Earth team had of its experience with another human species in another planet.

 Anonymous clarifies to be part of a group of six DIA employees, being three current employees and three former employees.

In July 1947, just a month after the opening of the Modern Era of Flying Saucers, a UFO would have crashed in Roswell, one of the most emblematic cases of ufology worldwide. Anonymous informs us that in fact there were two accidents, one in Corona and the other in Pelona Peak, involving two extraterrestrial ships. The Corona accident was discovered a day later by a team of archaeologists. An EBE (extraterrestrial biological entity) was found alive, hidden behind a stone (although the acronym EBE required the use of the feminine gender, these entities were eventually assimilated to the extraterrestrial race so-named, and began to designate all the inhabitants of  planet Serpo and its civilization).

This being, which came to be called Ebe 1, drank water, but refused food. Two other Ebes were found dead. After examination of the site, all evidence was removed. Ebe 1 and the bodies of his companions found dead were transferred to Los Alamos.                                        

Ebe 1 established communication with his hosts at Los Alamos, and provided the location of his home planet. He has been among us until his death in 1952, long enough to make a complete explanation of all that was found within each of the two spaceships. One of the objects found was a communication device, by which Ebe 1 was authorized to communicate with his planet.

Anonymous continues to report that a meeting was scheduled for April 1964 near Alamogordo, New Mexico. The aliens would have landed and recovered the bodies of the Ebes killed in the accident and information was exchanged in English, through the mentioned translation device.

Let’s see the Anonymous summary for this incredible adventure: “In 1965, we had an exchange program with aliens. We carefully selected 12 military personnel; ten men and two women. They have been trained, tested and carefully removed from the military system. The 12 were qualified in various specialties. Near the northern part of Nevada Test Site, the aliens have landed and the 12 Americans have departed. An entity was left on earth.  The original plan was for our 12 people to stay 10 years and then return to earth.” Serpo is 38.43 light-years from Earth, and is located at Zeta Reticuli 1 and 2, that is a binary system composed of 2 stars, both very similar to our sun. So Serpo has a second sun. It also has two moons and it orbits, with more six planets, the star Zeta Reticuli 1. Nightfall is never total in Serpo, it stays as if it were our twilight.

It is a planet a little smaller than Earth, with a similar atmosphere. Temperature varies between 43 °C (109.4 ° F) and 126 °C (258.8 ° F), the highest temperature being on the limit than the human body can support.


The team took nine months to arrive in Servo, a journey on board of an Ebe spaceship, during which everyone got frequently sick, suffered from dizziness and disorientation, as if they were in an oneiric state. Worth reading, in www.serpo.org, the very interesting description of this journey. Anonymous publishes an extract from the logbook of the mission commander, describing the arrival in Serpo: “We go down the ramp. Great number of Ebes waiting for us. We see a big Ebe, the biggest we’ve ever seen. He gets ahead and starts talking to us. (…) but we are taken to an open arena. It’s like a parade field. The floor is dirty. Looking up, I see a blue sky. The sky is very clear. We see two suns. One brighter than the other. The landscape looks like a desert, Arizona or New Mexico.

No vegetation we can see. There are rolling hills, nothing but ground. (…) but a large number of Ebes are welcoming us. They seem friendly.”

In the very first impressions of the planet, the commander reports a technological artifact that will be commented on and reproduced in a drawing in the diary and that has to do with the passage of time, perhaps one of the biggest problems that confronted the adaptation of  Terrans to this alien world.

The team soon realized that the clocks brought from Earth did not work either inside the ship, during the trip, or on Serpo. They progressively lost track of time, which they could not regulate with Ebe time, as they discovered a different perception of time, not in hours, but in periods, without day/night marking, since on Serpo it never really gets dark, it only gets a little darker, due to the presence of the two suns. A huge tower topped by a mirror was the first technological oddity to attract Earthlings’ attention when they landed on the planet. This tower turned out to be what they understood to be an artifact for measuring the periods that regulate the activities of the Ebes:

“Then we heard English. We turned around and found Ebe2 standing there. Where did she come from? I asked her if we could explore this building. She said yes, of course. She points to the glass room and says to come up. Okay, we enter the glass room. The glass door closes and goes up very quickly. At no time are we at the top. But what is this? We ask Ebe2 what that is. She points to the sun and then to the top of the room, where the mirror is located. She then points to the floor. Okay, we see it. The tower is in the middle of a circle. The circle is situated on the ground. In each quadrant of the circle is a symbol.
I see that the sun is directed through the mirror, perhaps this is not a mirror as we know it, as the sunlight travels through it, but once the sunlight travels through it, the light is directed to a symbol within the circle. Ebe2 says that when the light comes in contact with the symbol, the Ebes make the change. I’m not sure what that means. Maybe she means it tells the Ebes what to do. 225 seems to think it is a sun dial. When the sun hits a symbol, the Ebes change what they are doing and do something else. Maybe the Ebe day is structured. Or maybe this is their clock. Strange. But we are on a strange planet. I’m glad I still have my sense of humor.”

Ebes only occupy a small part of their planet, with one hundred villages or dwellings. They extract minerals in remote areas and have a large industrial pole in the south of the planet, situated near a source of water, suggesting to the team some type of hydroelectric plant. In the list of strangenesses found on  planet Serpo, something unknown and never understood by the team was a different type of electric propulsion system, that enters the vacuum and extracts from it a huge amount of energy. The team estimated the average IQ of Ebes at 165.

The Ebe civilization is stable and structured, possessing at the time a population of only 650,000 individuals. Each male being has a female companion, they reproduce more or less in the same sexual way as earthlings, but families have a maximum of two children, not being clear whether this is a limitation of the species or a social planning. The team had the opportunity to observe that the Ebe children “mature at a startling rate”. The life of an Ebe family is simple.                                                                                 

They live in small four-room houses: one for sleeping, where the whole family sleeps on mats, the second for food preparation, the third is the family room, and a small room for waste.

Food was a problem for the earth team. Despite the military rations that they had  taken with them, many times they had to eat  Ebe food, which is very varied. They grow vegetables and items like potatoes, but with different taste. The only items similar to ours were types of lettuce, turnip and tomatoes.

They have a strange vegetable, in a round shape, that grows in a plant that resembles our vineyards, but with long stalks: they cook these vegetables and eat most of the plant raw. They also drink a white liquid, different from milk in both flavor and composition. This liquid is extracted from a small tree from the north of the planet. The Ebe literally milk this tree and seem to take some kind of pleasure in the drink. The team could never like this liquid. The Ebe cook large pots of stew, quite insipid for the team members taste. Also they bake a kind of bread, which caused great constipation. Fruits were the only food enjoyed by both Ebes and earthlings. The Ebe consume a lot of fruits that, although different from everything we know, are sweet, some with melon or apple taste. Water had to  boiled for earthlings to drink, because it contains unknown chemistry. It called the team attention  the fact that the Ebe’s body seems to take much advantage of food, producing very few residues, which are equivalent to the fecal  amount of a cat.

The team did not observe signs of aging in the Ebe, being therefore very difficult to evaluate the age of individuals. 

But they die, and the team observed sadness in their eyes on the occasion of the death of their loved ones, due to accidents or natural causes. The Ebe also bury their dead in a ritual way. The Ebe were considered docile and friendly by the team.          

The major adaptation problem faced by the team was time, which turned out to be completely different in Serpo. Our watches did not work on the planet, and the Ebe – besides not counting time in the same way as we do – they were surprised by the obsession of the team with time counting. The team has thus lost the notion of time. Strategies have been elaborated so as not to completely lose earth time, like trying to match Ebe’s activities, to the way we count hours.

In 1978, the team returned to earth: two died and two decided to remain on the planet. Concerning the eight who returned to earth, all have died, the last survivor died in 2002.

We have seen above only a small sample of the contents of the publications by serpo.org and the potential interest for the disclosed information.


Among the major cases registered by the world Ufology, the contact with the supposed planet Ummo is unique and remains active and unexplained. The Ummo case begins in Spain with a controversial person called Fernando Sesma Manzano, who declared to be in contact with various extraterrestrial and extradimensional ethnicities, receiving telepathic messages. In 1966, Sesma answered the phone call of a strange voice, which identified itself as DEI98, claiming to be from planet Ummo, situated 14.4 light years from Earth. He became the first privileged interlocutor of the Ummites (or Ummanos), coming from another star system, receiving by mail hundreds of letters typed, containing information, in scientific language, about all fields of knowledge, relating to another species and human civilization. Forty other recipients received the Ummite letters between 1966 and 1980, expanding the contact over other countries of Europe and North America.

It is the first and only time that supposed extraterrestrials make written contact, through letters typed in various languages of our planet, such as Spanish and French, addressed to different Earth recipients. The richness of information contained in these letters has aroused the interest and curiosity of thousands of people around the world, who methodically study the documents available on internet on www.ummociencias.com . A long-term contact was established, initiated in 1966 with the dissemination of telephone and letters communications, and the last letter cataloged by ummociencias.com  is from 2015, in 2012 Twitter is added as a complementary form of communication. This variety of media, that accompanies  our own technological development, evidences a wide and organic contact diffusion in present days, since the typed letters, with  which,  we began to receive  first Ummite contacts.

The activity of making their civilization known through the letters was dynamic and it is from it that we got all the ample information about psychobiology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology, geography, astronomy, cosmology, history, sociology, religion, philosophy, metaphysics, technology and social life on the planet Ummo, constituting a documentary corpus of allegedly extraterrestrial contact that could never be denied as such, despite having suffered the effective consequences of cover-up, notably during the cold war period, preserving to this day the statute of fraud.

But how did the Ummite came to know of our existence and reached us? How did they discover us lost in the immensity of the universe? They say that in 1934 a mission of the Geographical Institute of Bergen, in Newfoundland, was conducting experiments to test the possibility of using the ionosphere as a reflector for long-distance radio communication.

One of the messages in Morse code would have escaped the ionosphere, freely gaining space, being detected on planet Ummo.                                  

Once the Earth is located, the Ummite explain that a spatial fold, spreading in the long period of time from 1943 to 1978, allowed the journey to our planet. Other civilizations from our galaxy also took advantage of this space fold.  It is interesting to remember that this spatial fold period indicated by the Ummite covers the beginning of the Modern Age of Flying Saucers, passing by the Ebe accident ,in Roswell, and going until the end of Operation Prato in 1978.

Then you will read the 1,400 letters that constitute this documentary corpus. And you start wondering who could be behind a fake story, that is so much detailed, and in scientific language, about all aspects of an intelligent and extraplanetary human civilization. The inner coherence level of the texts is remarkable, even though the reading of the letters is hampered by the strangeness that causes knowing an alien species, whose first evident difference, from the anthropological point of view, is the fact of being biologically gregarious, where the individual only recognizes himself as such, referenced to the group, which is something so difficult to be understood by our species, biologically individualistic, always in difficulties to promote collective life.


Planet Ummo orbits a red dwarf star, which they call Iumma. Ummo is slightly larger than Earth, measuring 14,502 km of diameter. The days in Ummo last approximately thirty-one earth hours. There is only one continent on the planet, full of lakes.

The ocean occupies 62% of the planet’s surface. The circular orbit of Ummo around Iumma leads to an indifferentiation of the seasons. Ummo has a denser atmosphere than Earth, which filters the cosmic rays responsible for genetic changes. The Ummites have thus developed a single ethnicity, and the planet has less diversity of life than Earth.  The only continent of Ummo is beaten by constant winds, and the temperature of the planet is similar to that of the Nordic countries.

In letter D41-3, we can have the measure of strangeness that would feel a terrestrial human visiting this alien world: “Our nights are intensely dark. We cannot appreciate, like the terrestrials, that wonderful spectacle (that you forget submerged in those asphalt, concrete and steel monsters of the great metropolises) of the lunar satellite. The stars we contemplate also seem very sharp when the celestial vault is clear of cloudy concentrations. Instead of this, they are much more frequent than on planet Earth, even in equatorial latitudes, what we call Uulibooa (equivalent to Nordic lights). Then the sky takes an impressive appearance. Long green and purple tapes seem to be suspended horizontally at various heights (when latitude is greater, tapes show more verticality). At the horizon, green or magenta chromatism is pale yellow or slightly orange”.

Ummo was formed 9 billion years ago, and Earth 4.5 billion years ago. The Ummites passed from  animal state to umman state, producing civilization nine million years ago, against 350,000 years of terrestrial civilization – when their cells went into resonance with a superorganism, Buaabeei, in the extravagant  Ummite language, “collective soul” or planetary psychic structure, to which each “individual soul” would be connected thanks to the Kryptonite crystal present in each cell and to a structure located in the human hypothalamus.

The long evolutionary period of the Ummite species has as result the duplication of all brain capacities common to all the human species in the Cosmos, because in the letters they reaffirm what we already know, that nature follows laws, and one of them is the orthogenesis law, where obligatorily intelligence takes human form, wherever it appears in the Universe.

The duplication of brain capacities is reflected in the language, able to transmit, by the repetition of vocabules, two different thinking orders, simultaneously. Therefore, there is an incommensurable difference between the Ummite logical thought and ours. While our formal logic only allows a proposition to exist or not exist, which is, therefore, true or false, the Ummite formal logic works with potentialities, a proposition may exist and not exist, be false and true at the same time.

The Ummite morphology looks so much like ours, that they would go unnoticed among us, being tall, blond, with light skin, remembering the terrestrial Nordic. Ummite psychobiology is incompatible with ours, hybrid production of our two species is impossible.

The Ummite sexuality (letter D41-13) is conditioned by physiological structure, which is a little different from ours. All the “endocrine mechanisms that regulate the hormonal current” have identical morphology, with small differences in the case of the woman, resulting from environmental differences, such as temperature oscillations, very irregular atmospherical pressure causing different weights for the same mass, due to a higher acceleration of gravity.

The highest authority in the Ummite family is man, whose authority is never discussed. Let’s read what they say in the JS388 letter, 1988: “Yee (woman) fully submittes herself to her spouse. There is not in Ummo, this kind of couple, where man’s authority is only nominal, as on Earth. On the contrary, the masoquistic trends of Ummo women are stronger than in Earth women.” When girls and boys reach what they call “mental maturity”, an intense socio-psychic-educational work starts, that consists in the sexual formation of young Ummites.

Most of the Ummites lose the capacity of oral expression in puberty, caused by an atrophy of the phonatory organs, and they start developing telepathy during a long learning. This telepatic capacity only works, but among Ummites that have reciprocal affinities and empathies. Ummite telepathy does not work to strangers.

There are so many details about the planet Ummo and the Ummite life, that we will be content with the evocation of only a few, that seems different, about this interesting civilization.

Very contrary to us, earthlings, the Ummites declare that their artistic evolution is practically null,  notably in regard to music.  They declare that Earth music maybe the most expressive and highly developed that they have found among the cosmic civilizations they know.

Knowledge of psychobiology regulates all habits and customs on the planet. So, we read that the main meal of the day is morning and begins with a few minutes of silence. All family members close their eyes and try to bring pleasant memories to mind, creating an environment of peace and healthy joy, indispensable for the full working of the Ummite body. It is a psychosomatic imperative, because they consider that negative emotional changes, such as anxiety, terror or fear states, sadness and worries, inhibit the normal gastric juices segregation , causing serious disturbances.

This is an example of the pragmatism of the Ummites, who, by knowing their own psychobiology, became able to guide themselves by it, and so,  to evolve as a species.

The olfactory sensitivity of the Ummites is extremely developed. Mixing aromatic essences is a very old activity on the planet, women being superior to men in the exercise of this activity, which was elevated to art level, such is the subtlety of the mixtures. A good mixer woman  will never produce the same perfume. Not so politically correct, by Earthling standards, they say that an intelligent woman is never a good mixer and vice versa! The art of mixing essences has its public festivals, where spectacular essences’ mixtures are produced, in which the aromatic  nuances appear one after the other in a heady style and strict aesthetic norms (Letter D41, 1966). 


The science presented in the letters is the most reliable way to assess the extraterrestrial reality of communication: is there a scientific rationality in the information that the letters transmit, or is the language used fanciful, only apparently scientific, crediting the fraud thesis?

Two factors have a direct impact on the transmission way of Ummite science, and also interfere in the scientific proof of their theories: care to insert misunderstandings and misinformation to prevent premature development and the consequent misuse of certain transmitted knowledge.  According to the letters, all this information must be assimilated along time, and the Ummites do not miss the opportunity to point out the impatience of the Earth human , who believes he can acquire complex concepts from a much more advanced civilization in a short period of time.

The usable knowledge transmitted by the Ummites seems to be only a hundred years more advanced than our current scientific knowledge. Which leads us to think that they gave us a kind of ABC’s of the basic concepts of their advanced science, and civilization. They state that language differences are the biggest obstacle to concepts transmission and to technical-scientific demonstrations.

To get an idea of ​the scientific credibility of Ummite science, let’s reproduce here the recent assessment made by Christel Serval, under the pseudonym of Stone Gardenteapot (Stone Gardenteapot, Ummo, l’avertissement. Atlantes Editions, Paris, 2016). According to him the Ummites revealed in 1966:

That we overestimated the age of the universe, information advanced in thirty years ahead our knowledge at that time;

That much of the matter and energy in the universe is unknown and induces colossal gravitational effects. This statement will be assimilated and validated by terrestrial science in the late 1980s, about fifteen years after the Ummite letter;

That, contrary to what our science used to deduce  from our observations in 1966, the first moments of the universe were of gigantic expansion. It took 13  for the problems of the Big Bang theory to become evident and 48 for the emergence of new instruments that would allow the verification of this statement;

That the expansion of the universe, contrary to what Earthling science used to postulate in 1966, is not constant. This piece of information was verified 33 years later;

That not only the expansion of the universe is not constant, but that it evolves according to a periodic non-sinusoidal function. This announcement, totally absurd in 1966, was taken up again, in a 2015 publication, that is, almost half a century after Ummite communication, with a detailed study of the immense database collected by the Planck satellite.

Other Ummite piece of information is about to be validated by our science. In 1966, the Ummites spoke of molecular biology, affirming the presence of Krypton chains in all cells of living beings, which play a fundamental role in the evolution of species and in the interaction of the human being with the universe.


The world-renowned physicist, Jean-Pierre Petit, is one of the French recipients of the letters from Ummo, who was unable to resist the letters’ appeal, declaring that “Ummo documents have no equivalent in this constellation of messages and documents linked to the UFO phenomenon because they have the color of science and use its language. They then lend themselves to scientific analysis.” This possibility also becomes the opportunity to prove the authenticity of the documents.

Jean-Pierre Petit learned of the Letters in 1975 through an astronomer friend. The scientific and technical language of the Ummite texts intrigued the scientist who gathered almost a thousand pages that deal with “practically all subjects, from computer science to the structure of the cosmos, passing through the mechanics of fluids”.  Months later, he was already working to test the science that was presented through experiments and calculations. 

At the end of 1975 he published the first results in the report of the Paris Academy of Sciences, where he described a device that he called “aerodyne MHD” that moved creating a vacuum through magnetic forces.

This device extracted from Ummite science has never been challenged by scientists at the French Academy of Sciences. In 1977, he wrote two more articles in which he proposed the hypothesis of twin universes with opposite directions of time, a theory that has been validated by contemporary science.

Before considering whether the letters are of extraterrestrial origin, Jean-Pierre Petit considers the Ummite letters as a “formidable thinking machine”. Many scientists studied these letters, but the French physicist Jean-Pierre Petit was the only one to risk his scientific career, presenting to his peers, in the prestigious magazine of the France Academy of Sciences, what he had been discovering  by experiments suggested by Ummite science.

In 1991, he decided to reveal the inspiring source of his discoveries with the publication of a book that had great repercussion in the media and which earned him an invitation to give plausible explanations to the National Center for Scientific Research, CNRS, which is the highest level in scientific research in France. Surprisingly, for involving official science in an UFO casuistry, his work was approved by CNRS, but he would speak on his own behalf, not on behalf of the institution.


Among reality, fiction and cover-up, both documents ,  Serpo’s and Ummo’s  , have incongruences regarding the location of their original star systems. Would this inaccuracy, which raises suspicion about miscalculation and scientific inconsistency, be a coincidence to discredit the extraterrestrial origin of the transmitted knowledge?

The location of planet Serpo in the reports is one of the problems where scientific truth and cover-up are articulated, crediting and discrediting the contact reality at the same time.

Let’s go to the social effects, examining the discussion on www.serpo.org about the origin of Ebes in the binary system Zeta Reticuli, identified by astronomical observation as a distance binary system, where the two stars are separated by 350 billion miles. From the perspective of a planet orbiting Zeta Reticuli 1, Zeta Reticuli 2 would appear as a bright spot in the sky. However, both the advanced astronomical information by Anonymous, and the report itself extracted from the mission, indicate a close binary system. The report says that “the brightness of the suns on Serpo, the Ebes’planet, also caused problems. Despite wearing sunglasses, they still suffered from the glare of sunlight and the danger of exposure to the sun. The planet’s radiation levels were slightly higher than on Earth. They covered their bodies carefully all the time. The commentator concludes his analysis by suggesting an intentionally confusing display of an extraterrestrial reality for cover-up purposes: “If Serpo exists and his star system is indeed a close binary, either the current astronomical observations are wrong, or this star system is not, for sure, Zeta Reticulin.

If the last proposition is true, there are all kinds of plausible reasons for this obfuscation. It has been suggested that the well-known Grays – which Anonymous curiously claims to be from Alpha Centauri and that, for being responsible for the abductions,  these Grays  can , to some extent, be hostile – would be , actually ,from Zeta Reticuli – and the Ebe would, in fact , be from Alpha Centauri (which is a close binary) – and that they had been confused the one with the other, on purpose, by US government intelligence circles in the report to make the Grays look harmless and friendly. “

The Ummite letters also provide inconsistent information as to the exact location of the Iumma star, the Ummites’ sun, which could be located at Wolf 424 (which is a known binary star located in the constellation Virgo), but the letters do not mention any companion for the star Iumma. The controversy over the identification of the Ummite sun would also reveal a lack of knowledge, on the part of the Ummite , about astronomy that would discredit the extraterrestrial origin of the contact. But the fact is that, the Ummite make it clear that many of these errors, in addition to being due to the enormous mental difference that separates us from them, were voluntarily introduced in the letters, as a strategy to prevent the misuse of knowledge, scientific and technological,transmitted.

Neither of these two long-term contacts is willing to provide their addresses unambiguously. Why would it be? To protect themselves? Proof of wisdom, thus preventing our space effort from focusing on these two planets: Serpo and Ummo, with the speed of terrestrial scientific and technological advances, and with our curiosity and greed?

                                                     Rio de Janeiro, August 10, 2020